About Us

DARETOBESTRONG is a fitness brand for the everyday woman who has to work hard to overcome life’s struggles. A brand that motivates women not only to be strong but to be fierce, happy, confident, fit and sexy. A Brand that recognizes where you’ve been and how far you have come, a brand that celebrates You, the Strong You.

My name is Sheena Dalton, FOUNDER/CEO of DARETOBESTRONG. I created this brand for women like myself. Women who have been through everything that was meant to break them but came out stronger than ever, women who have to make sacrifices, women who put others before themselves and women who literally have to build themselves back up. This Brand is personal to me, it represents me, it represents everything I've been through and how far I've come. I used the strength I acquired at my lowest to create something that will help women all around the world. DARETOBESTRONG is so much more than fitness, it is about women empowerment, motivating and helping women find themselves again. We are building strong women and we can't wait to grow and have more of an impact on this world.